erenicchi asked:
Hello, this is me lol a fan of your writing. I am writing you this after I had read both of your fanfics on Ao3 I found them by chance in my bookmarks and thought to give them a try. Actually that was the best decision I ever made. I finished all what you wrote in one day and I want to tell you that you drove me to tears. Your writing inspired me and it gave me hope actually. Now you are kind of hero in my eyes but yeah *blushes* I want to become a friend if you don't mind >w<

oh goodness thank you so much again i just kjasdkjaksd aahh thank you ; v; aND HELLO, FRIEND, WE MEET AGAIN

no-other-words asked:
Hi! Umm, first of all I just want to say I really admire your writing. Not only for Junkyard Dogs, but all your other works. They're amazing and beautiful and I really respect and look up to you. I recently just found out that you are planning that new fic, mainly because you want to practice description. Well I'm looking to practice on my introspection and I just do you do it? Especially for Levi from JD, what do you go through in order to write Levi's introspection like that?

(pt.2) It may seem a naive question but I’m trying to improve my writing and I’d like some pointers. I know it comes with a lot of practice as well. But does it come second-nature for the words to flow out? Sorry if I’m asking elementary questions… and once again, I love your writing! Good luck in school :D

ahhhh im so terribly sorry for this extremely late reply! the last couple of days have been hectic so i couldn’t find the proper time to respond until now

firstly, thank you so much! i’m super duper happy to hear that you like my works kjsahdkjas aaAAA \o/ !!! and hahaha that descriptive fic just kinda — went flat oop bUT ANYWAY

intrrooospection, you ask. tbh for jd, words just kinda flowed out for me buuut i def believe it’s something you have to practice with, because it’s hard to adopt a mindset that’s not your own. that said, i think the best piece of advice i can give is this:

  • don’t focus on the “what.” as in, don’t just write down what happens in the story. elaborate on thoughts and how one thought leads to another. expand on why this particular action / response / etc. is important — instead of thinking “levi acts this way,” try thinking “the reason why levi acts this way.” and lastly, develop your character’s voice. with introspective pieces, your character is telling the story, not you. if the story goes tangent from your original plans, let it go. it’ll be all right.

annnd that’s about it. hopefully this helps ???? sorry if it doesn’t otl /// tHANKS FOR READING & ASKING DEARIE!! HAPPY WRITING!!! ♥♥♥

igolocoforthecoco asked:
This fic (JD). This fic is one of the most charming pieces of work I have ever read. Wow. What a masterpiece. I..I really don't know what to say or do. It was so beautiful. Honestly, I first, I doubted it. But I realized it spoke truth and I saw its beauty and I will never look back. The way you described Levi, and the virtues, the sins, poisons, everything-it was so perfect. The ending left me in tears. You are such an incredible writer. Thank you for creating this. I will never forget it.

SHOT THRU THE HEART/// oh man what can i say kjashdk sorry im a bit incoherent but im really happy to hear this and i just aaAAA THANK YOU SO MUCH ♥♥

on a side note, im really loving your url omg @ u@

Anonymous asked:
So, I know you probably won't really get a chance to read this, but I just read your incredible fanfiction Junkyard Dogs (I know, I know, I'm seriously late), and I need to say thank you. It was amazingly well written, and I love and hate it in equal parts (that's a good thing!). So, yeah. Um, I just wanted to say Hi, and you're an amazing human being and thank you so much!

hi there! oh gosh you’re precious imgladyoulikedJD aahhh (and don’t worry about being “late;” i’m flattered that you even took the time to read it okie). thank you bunches, dear anon!!

some unfortunate news but the following fics will be on hiatus:

though i have ideas for them, my muses aren’t really striking whispers sorry guys @ n@

on a separate note, im still getting to comments on JD bc i’d like to thank each of you individually for reading and yeeaa it’s kinda three months overdue, but im getting to them. thank you all so much!