❝ 'Yo, wuz crackalackin', biatch? Yo ass is smokin prison, Jaeger n' shit. I be Levi.' And I extend mah hand ta his muthafuckin ass. ❞
—— actual excerpt from junkyard dogs, chap 1


the world is dark, but he can still see the fine lines running in every which direction. these lines have a particular color — he doesn’t know what color, because he hasn’t exactly seen color — but he likes to think that they’re red, for red represents passion in the two strongest ways: love and hate.

it takes him ten years to realize that no one else can see these red lines. it takes him another ten to comprehend their significance. the lines connect two people together — not any two people, but soul mates.

he decides to embark on an adventure to find the one he’s connected to. it’s not easy, because the world is dark and he doesn’t know directions, but he follows his red line. he follows it to the dawn of his thirtieth birthday. it’s then that the line finally ends.

excited is an understatement; he is thrilled. ecstatic. “excuse me,” he says. he can’t stop smiling. “i’ve been looking for you.” his soul mate doesn’t reply. doesn’t even move. he steps closer, but his knee hits something hard. a rock, perhaps. bending down, he feels the rock to judge how big it is. except, it’s not a normal rock. it’s stone. a carved piece of stone.

his smile drops. he crouches and runs his fingers over the landmark. and he feels letters — letters that form the words rest in peace.

it takes him ten years to realize that no one else can see these red lines. it takes him another ten to comprehend their significance. and it takes him ten more to understand that fate is stronger in hate than in love.

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But what if Levi thought he was etching ‘EVIL’ onto the walls, when he was actually etching it onto his arm?

Also, I love no undercut! Levi. Sorry, it was a question I asked a while ago on the fic comments, and I just had to draw it ;p
Guys, go read Junkyard Dogs! It’s my favorite fic of all time ♡ Also the latest chapter broke my heart, and made me so happy in so many ways. JD! Levi is such a badass.
Thank you Herlovely!

omg this is super lovely !! i love how you drew his expression and akjsdjk i really really like the idea of him actually etching EVIL into his arm rather than the walls (b/c his perception’s already distorted enough, so it’s perfectly possible!)

but aaaAA THANK YOU SO MUCH [smooches ur cheeks] you’re such a darling and this is just A+ you made my night, thank youu <33

jaegerbombastik asked:
What was the original sentence going to be in Junkyard Dogs? You know, the one that was being written out as one word per chapter title.

ah! it’s —

In the end, he never taught me how to protect what mattered most.


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The walls here are empty canvases. It takes an artist to create something beautiful; it takes a madman to destroy it.