son of a whore.

**warning for dark themes; this is pre-acwnr with a focus on levi’s past; i don’t know what provoked me to write this but i did and in all honesty, i wasn’t thinking at all, so whatever i wrote was my first thought

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on a side note, i’m deeply considering writing that prequel to YILY (the one i said i would write like a year ago lmao) so unless something comes up, then expect a oneshot on how they came to be



hella cliché arranged marriage au

What do you do when your kingdom’s about to go bankrupt? Crossdress as a princess so you can marry a rich prince, of course. That’s obviously the most logical way to go about this according to his parents. And to make matters worse, the rich prince is a teeny tiny, insufferably irritable, completely constipated asshole. Someone help him, please.

CH: FULL • [ 01 ]

a/n: i told myself not to start anything until i finish my current projects, but here i am (whoopsie). also this is a not-so-serious fic, i apologize in advance.

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pontoofarr asked:
okay ur the one who wrote junkyard dogs right?? well plz tell me eren and levi lived happily ever after I mean I know it was implied but I need to know for sure (I binge read the whole thing in one day x_x)

hey there! oh goodness, i applaud you for binge reading that entire thing (hopefully it wasn’t unpleasant)!

and aahh, i mostly left the ending for my readers to decide. however, i personally wouldn’t say that it’s a “happily ever after” ending. it’s more or less a “everything seems okay now” ending — which could be a happy end if you choose to see it as such!

thanks for reading m’dear! treat yourself to some ice cream for binge reading all of that ok ?? xoxo

80 MPH


dumb road trip au by acidtowns

Erwin and Levi go on a cross-country road trip complete with getting lost, sleeping in parking lots, and (not so much unrequited) pining. Seriousness not included. Smut sold separately.


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