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Pairing: Erwin/Levi 
Summary: Levi works at McDonald’s. Erwin is a single father with a kid who loves McNuggets.
Note: i didn’t even try to make this good sobs i’m sorry

Working at the McDonald’s drive-thru window is the worst job anyone could have. Unfortunately he, Levi, high school graduate and college dropout, has this job. He blames the piss poor economy and the even more piss poor education system, but that’s beside the point. Point is, he’s working at a drive-thru window and it’s the worst job he could possibly have because he has no patience.

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Well, I’m late but I just caught up with Junkyard Dogs which ended. (: It was a lovely lovely read! Go check it out if you’re into prison AU’s!

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Anonymous asked:
i'm so late with this but today i read JD all in one go (couldn’t stop tbh) and it fucking destroyed me. at first i was dubious bc first person pov?? but five paragraphs in and you had me hook line and sinker, and god, your writing is fantastic. it's raw, it's beautiful. your fic is gonna be one of those things i think about lying awake at night, when i'm idly lazing around, months or even years after today. it’s so bittersweet and it hurt so much, but really, thank you for this experience.

hey there! i completely understand you with the first pov thing bc ngl i never really liked it either (but ofc after writing JD, i came to appreciate it very much) but oh goodness thank you so much for your compliments, dear anon! i’m glad you’ve enjoyed JD, and thank you for reading / sending me this message, you’re such a sweetheart ~~

Anonymous asked:
Your fic made my heart hurt and I cried a lot but I loved it a lot and I'm really picky with my fics but you made it through and you ended it right where it needed to end and I'm so happy but sad I love you

oh no, sorry for making you cry !! [hands u tissue] ; AAA; but asjkdhk thank you so much, m’dear! i’m glad you liked the fic and ilu2 okie

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junkyard dogs Q&A

part 1?? idk but not gonna lie, i kinda feel empty knowing that i don’t have another JD chapter to stress over. so instead i wrote this handy dandy “”Q&A”” about JD aka i just want an excuse to ramble about it one last time:

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