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  • Prison Rule #-0Don’t get attached.

Words hurt but actions bleed. Promises are just promises until they’re broken. It’s then that they become the symbols of betrayal.

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  • Prison Rule #-7Don’t underestimate.

Prison Rule #7: Don’t underestimate someone’s ability to leave you. Even through sworn word, people come and go. It’s just like he said: c’est la vie. That’s life.

a peaceful world we see through eyes of war


pairing: eren + levi
rating: general
notes: this is a fic written for the anywhere but here song prompt. i tried my best not to make it angsty in any way ok orz — but HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY, DEAR MITSU !!! HOPE THIS IS OKAY xoxo


"Let’s run away together."

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sorryimtryingtogathermyself i just —— thank you otl and oh darling please, i love those “”“annoying rants”“” (they’re not annoying at all, trust me!) you send me. it really makes me happy when people going beyond just reading yknow??? didthatsoundweirdidk

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a playlist for JUNKYARD DOGS, an snk fic

i. this is gonna hurt / ii. lies of the beautiful people / iii. deadlihood / iv. animal i have become / v. lift / vi. the high road / vii. crashed / viii. better than i know myself / ix. permanent / x. fear and loathing / xi. you / xii. comatose / xiii. time of dying / xiv. life is beautiful