oh my god

thank you so much im hhhHHH ////////////////

sorryimtryingtogathermyself i just —— thank you otl and oh darling please, i love those “”“annoying rants”“” (they’re not annoying at all, trust me!) you send me. it really makes me happy when people going beyond just reading yknow??? didthatsoundweirdidk

but yeee this def made my night you’resuchagr8person thank you again, m’dear !!! *smooches ur cheeks* xoxo

a playlist for JUNKYARD DOGS, an snk fic

i. this is gonna hurt / ii. lies of the beautiful people / iii. deadlihood / iv. animal i have become / v. lift / vi. the high road / vii. crashed / viii. better than i know myself / ix. permanent / x. fear and loathing / xi. you / xii. comatose / xiii. time of dying / xiv. life is beautiful


char: others.

i’ll have to do these characters tomorrowww

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char: the seven sins.

quick run-down:

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today’s the day (gps au)


who am i not to write a small thing for that gps au —-

Today’s the day, Eren tells himself. Today’s the day to make things happen. He has everything planned out — what he’s going to say, what he’s going to do in the event that he’s rejected — he has everything planned out, but when he gets in his car and turns on his GPS, his plan goes out the window.

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