mr. smith, please


Levi comes into the bedroom wearing nothing but the fishnet stockings he had purchased from the Halloween store earlier that day. He’s feeling particularly sexy this evening, and there’s no better way to show off his sexiness than dressing like a half-assed hooker and posing sensually against the door frame of Erwin’s bedroom.

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the-lone-sky said: *pushes up glasses* so when’s Erwin getting a blowjob from Levi while he’s driving

trick question

but the answer is never bc i can’t write the uh-oh B^(

drops everything to write the eruri roadtrip au sorry kiddos

btw if any of you have a rp blog or if you just want to laugh at my levi’s bullshit, you should follow captainshawty ok :^)


Sketch based off this perfect fic by acidtowns

Ugghhhh fuck I totally don’t feel like crying right now. This was just so hilarious and perfect and sad and I just fuckign