Sketch based off this perfect fic by acidtowns

Ugghhhh fuck I totally don’t feel like crying right now. This was just so hilarious and perfect and sad and I just fuckign

Anonymous asked:
im sorry to bother u but was eren really there in the ending or was it levi hallucinating? im confused to because couldn't levi have asked hanji how to contact/find eren when he was staying with her

that’s up for you to decide, dear anon!

and hanji can’t tell levi of eren’s location because she doesn’t know herself. she just knows that eren’s on the run because he’s kind of a wanted man now.

hope this clears up your confusion?? ; v;

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y’all i’m too lazy to write

i don’t want to update sharkbait so i might just focus my attention on SHIT

may i take your order, good sir


Pairing: Erwin/Levi 
Summary: Levi works at McDonald’s. Erwin is a single father with a kid who loves McNuggets.
Note: i didn’t even try to make this good sobs i’m sorry

Working at the McDonald’s drive-thru window is the worst job anyone could have. Unfortunately he, Levi, high school graduate and college dropout, has this job. He blames the piss poor economy and the even more piss poor education system, but that’s beside the point. Point is, he’s working at a drive-thru window and it’s the worst job he could possibly have because he has no patience.

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Well, I’m late but I just caught up with Junkyard Dogs which ended. (: It was a lovely lovely read! Go check it out if you’re into prison AU’s!

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