char: others.

i’ll have to do these characters tomorrowww

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char: the seven sins.

quick run-down:

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today’s the day (gps au)


who am i not to write a small thing for that gps au —-

Today’s the day, Eren tells himself. Today’s the day to make things happen. He has everything planned out — what he’s going to say, what he’s going to do in the event that he’s rejected — he has everything planned out, but when he gets in his car and turns on his GPS, his plan goes out the window.

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I wanted to do more, but my wrist is killing me so I had to stop a bit short of where I wanted to end this…

A rather deep fic with thoughtful monologue that you may like if you’re into the dissection of human nature. I’m loving it so far.


  • eren/levi » rated explicit » [ full work ]
  • Prison Rule #-6Don’t trust anyone.

My fist has always been louder than my tongue. I do, I don’t say, because actions have more power. People don’t win from talking shit; they win by beating shit in.