so there might not be an update this weekend

not entirely sure b/c i have to see how productive i feel tomorrow

hahahaha otl ;;;;;;;;;;;;

hope your weekend’s going good so far tho

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someone asked for completely colorblind! eren, and uh idk here’s a small drabble yo ——


He can’t see what’s seen. He can’t feel what’s felt. He can’t live comfortably in a colorless world. That’s how it’s always been.

They say red is the color of anger.

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"No one has ever read to me, because no one really had the time to. But right here, right now, there’s time. There’s endless time, and it’s shared time. Auruo has another five years. Jean’s on parole. Erwin can quit anytime he wants to. But Eren — Eren has a life sentence, which is the longest sentence next to mine. That’s time. And with this time, we can do an infinite amount of things that these prison walls allow.-"

gu h this fic will be the death of me

if you arent reading Junkyard Dogs then i seriously question your choices in life


Author: acidtowns

Fic: Junkyard Dogs

Rating: E (explicit)

art by yours truly

some appreciation for this awesome fic; I kinda did this with something I call “rage drawing” - meaning pen pressure was at max and i couldn’t care less how rough the lines are ahaha. well, I guess it kinda suits this fic so yea.

the colour orange and eren’s eyes are most important in the story so that’s why only they are coloured ahaha

btw i found junkyard dogs’s theme song aaayyy