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  • Prison Rule #-5Don’t put your faith in others.

Escaping has always been an option, but no one has ever chosen it. There are two reasons for that: 1) they regret what they’ve done and they’re here for repentance, or 2) they rather live in hell than suffer through judgement.


guess who’s been re-reading the sads last night and couldn’t sleep at 3AM

inspired by the fic Yesterday, I Loved You by the amazing komlin (aka acidtowns on Ao3). Yes, this talented writer also wrote Junkyard Dogs so check that out too. 

Anonymous asked:
"Curiosity kills, so I suppose I'm suicidal. I want to slit him open, stick my hand in, and feel around for an answer that satisfies this thirst to know. I want to turn him inside out, feast my eyes upon his brain and his heart to see what he really thinks and feels. And then, after I find out, I want to consume him from the bottom up — first his cock (his lust), then his heart (his feelings), and last his brain (his sanity). I want to put him together like a puzzle."


this passage is actually extremely important for two reasons:

  • it reveals levi’s true state of mind (or well, questions it)
  • it ties in with one of the major themes (innocence & purity)

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  • eren/levi » rated explicit » [ full work ]
  • Prison Rule #-4: Don’t touch what’s not yours.

His name is Erwin Smith: blond hair, blue eyes. A prison warden who’s justified by his own will. He would do anything and everything to get what he wants. He would sacrifice, but he wouldn’t sacrifice those he pitied. Attachment. That’s his poison.